About Us

Our History

Who would've thought that a simple phone call to help a friend carry equipment in would've lead to this? Well that's exactly how our start came to be.  Two years later, In November 2009 I purchased Sound Storm and my DJ'in career officially started!


They say experience comes with time, well we've jumped in the express lane and don't plan on slowing down.  Within four years, we performed over 225 shows, ranging from weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, local taverns/clubs, birthday parties, to family reunions.  We've even been sponsored by Budweiser!



Our Philosophy

Our specality is weddings. We are very well known for interacting with the crowd during our grand marches and being very easy to work with.  We understand everyone has different traditions, therefore we will customize your wedding.


On our light bar, you will find a 32" TV mounted that we broadcast a slide show of pictures that were taken throughout the day.


We believe in giving you the best possible entertainment that we can provide, by setting a flat rate pricing. Contact Jeff to start customizing your event.